Reduce your call centre load and improve your customer experience with BestTime.

BestTime offers a range of benefits for both you and the customer by putting the power of when to make contact with your organisation into the consumers hands by displaying real time queue information and alternative contact methods on YOUR website.

And its not a complicated IT process – with our simple but powerful software its really as simple as adding an extra wallboard! As most customers visit your website first to obtain your contact details, by displaying real time queue information along with your contact details provides the following benefits:

  • Considerable enhancement of your Customers Experience
  • Smoother traffic – reduced peaks and filled in troughs
  • Increase Customer stickiness
  • Have customers actively encouraged to use your on-line services
  • Have your customers activate your cross-selling strategies for you
  • While your agents that are both more productive and happier

All of this with basically no changes to you contact centre!

Desktop Example


Mobile Examples



Benefits to your customers

BestTime provides a host of benefits to the customer including:

  • Visibility of current queue times so they won’t have to waste their time calling you during long wait time periods
  • By displaying real time information on your website (e.g. power outages in a particular area) you can eliminate the need for the customer to make contact at all
  • Giving the customer a choice of their preferred contact method:
    • Receive notification when wait times are low so they can make contact then
    • Engage in other options (e.g. live chat) or more self-service options such as FAQs

Benefits for your organisation

By empowering your customers with information it leads to a range of benefits for you including:

  • Reducing load during your peak periods
  • Encouraging more customers to use self-service options
  • Eliminating call traffic by providing up-front information

Features and Benefits

Customers notified when waiting time is lower and then they call you when it suits their other activities

  • If a caller still wishes to speak to an agent they can click to request to be notified by web alert or SMS when the call wait time is lower and therefore more acceptable to them
  • After they receive a reminder your customers can call you back at a time suitable to them, not just a time convenient to an automated call back machine
  • Customers are more empowered

Minimizing traffic peaks

When BestTime is installed (blue), traffic peaks are minimised compared with Automated Callback (pink). Your potential caller requests a call back reminder when the waiting time exceeds your threshold. In addition time is not wasted on calls regarding a known event as this information is clearly displayed on your website and this assists call centre meeting their agreed KPI’s.

Dynamic Message Notification (DMN)

Customers don’t need to call about a topic already known to your call center as it is displayed on your webpage
  • Saves your time
  • Saves caller’s time
  • Incoming callers receive better service
  • Helps manage traffic loads in unplanned or demanding situations
  • Allows call centers to better meet agreed performance

With Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) potential callers can see the details of a known situation (e.g. electricity blackout) displayed on your web page before they pick up the phone to report it. Supervisors simply type the message on their PC in the BestTime web interface and it appears immediately in the widget provided. There is no limitation in the number of webpages that BestTime widgets may be used.


Dynamic Message Notification (DMN) can be used for marketing to increase sales

The DMN can be used to promote specific products or services being handled by the agents so when the call is connected the callers are encouraged to ask the agent for further information on the additional products being promoted. Supervisors can modify this information in real time (e.g. a popular item out of stock)

Dynamic Message Notification Examples:

Low cost integration, low complexity

  • Very light IT integration required with your switch (be it CPE or cloud-based)
  • No integration required with back office systems
  • No changes required to your current call center configurations or routing settings
  • One-off fee or monthly fee

The light IT integration results in BestTime being far more cost-effective than other complex call-back alternatives.


How It Works?

1. BestTime is installed to receive real time call waiting information from the switch

2. Current queue waiting time is sent to call center owner’s website via the BestTime cloud server

3. The Potential caller requests a reminder which then goes into the “cloud-based” waiting room

4. They are then notified via web page or SMS when the waiting time is shorter as defined by the call center

5. Potential caller receives their BestTime reminder when waiting time is shorter

6. The caller then places the call at the BestTime for both the caller and the call center

Want know more about BestTime?

If you’d like to know more about BestTime including pricing, installation, operations and more contact one of our team today.