Data Synergy

Why You Need To Benchmark Your Call Center

As call centers become more complex with deeper levels of integration into other channels, it is important to understand how technical issues such as Ready State, CRM delays and Voice Quality could affect Running Costs and, ultimately, your Customer Experience.

AdvaTel provides a range of testing services and offers a set of effective simulation tools for analyzing a call center’s costs and revenues under a variety of conditions.

Omni-channel Performance Testing Consulting and Advice

Take advantage of the AdvaTel expertise in the field of automated performance and load testing. Smart enterprises around the globe rely on the expert services and cutting edge technology offered by AdvaTel to validate performance and ensure the highest levels of your customer retention, customer satisfaction and product improvements KPIs.

Performance testing of Omni‑channel

AdvaTel and its partners have significant experience in performance testing of various business systems using a variety of testing environments and platforms (HP Performance Centre, Borland Silk Performer, IBM Rational Tester, etc.). These are large and complex solutions that require significant expertise to test effectively which requires the deep experience of consultants such as AdvaTel.

Cloud-based end-to-end experience testing

We offer a complete package to take care of the entire performance testing effort using cloud-based facilities. If you don’t have the time, resources or skills to setup and run your own performance tests, let us take care of the details and deliver you the results.

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Our Services


  • Customer calls are placed through the Service Provider
  • Suitable for production Contact Centers
  • All tests are executed from within Data Synergy cloud data centers


  • Production performance visibility
  • Continuous production monitoring


  • Customer calls are placed locally
  • Suitable for pre-production systems
  • All tests are executed On-Premise


  • Increased security
  • More thorough tests could be devised
  • No additional call charges


  • Complete end-to-end solution for Omni-channel experience testing:
    • Voice
    • Web
    • Email
    • Instant Messaging
    • Screen Sharing
  • Production monitoring
  • Generating incoming/outgoing call traffic for SIP trunks
  • Advanced Call Workflow Scripting
  • Support for both, Audio and Video RTP streams
  • Voice quality measurements
  • Event pack
    • Best Service Level (shortest time to answer)
    • Average time-to-ring/time-to-queue
    • Call drop statistics
  • IVR Scanner

Metrics and Executive Summary

What we measure

While managers use spreadsheets often for financial analysis and reporting, very few would think to use simulation tools for the same purpose. We measure Efficiency, Loss of Business and Customer Experience by thoroughly analysing and comparing the technical operations performance of your systems with the real-time customer experience metrics.

Technical Parameters

  • Audio Delay
  • Round Trip Latency
  • Packet Loss (%)
  • Voice Quality

Customer Experience Metrics

  • Voice Quality
  • Queue and Hold Times
  • # of Transfers
  • First-Call Resolution Rate

What You Get As A Result

A full operations snapshot with a precise history-based picture of the business unit effectiveness. We tailor the reports combining data from multiple sources so it is 100% meaningful and show you what is important to your business. Download our data sheet to learn more.

Instant Loss Visualisations


Total Weekly Loss Of Customer Calls


 Average Revenue per Call


Total Weekly Loss Of Business

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Contact one of our team members today for a no-obligation demonstration or for more information.