Omni Intelligence

Real-Time Cloud Wallboard Analytics


Omni-Intelligence provides the platform enabling managers, supervisors, and agents to see a complete picture for contact centres real-time operational data. with passive and active quality monitoring of all aspects of the involved technology including historical data and predictive analytics which is made available at a glance while proactively alerting key managers when critical situations arise.

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  • Omni-Intelligence Analytics View will automatically display the Real-Time Calls Waiting information to the agent specific skill sets
  • Real-time and historical data can be displayed in text or graphics
  • Trends and predictive analytics are visualised
  • Multiple Skills can be displayed within one view allowing the agent to view call waiting information
  • Automatic threshold alerts (including any aspects of SLA monitoring) can be customised on any real time data fields and escalated via automated, interactive, workflow-enabled email, phone call and SMS channels
  • Current (most recent) and historical ASA, WT, AWT, AASA, ART are visualised real-time to be managed effectively
  • Predict and address high absence rates and low schedule adherence
  • View live information about call capacity and peak call volumes

Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency

  • Bring tomorrows BI tools to virtual any contact centre without hardware and/or software updates.
  • Cloud Based
  • Increase ROI without additional capital expenditure
  • Expand your current centre solutions lifespan, while;
  • No additional licenses / software purchases are needed
  • No expensive / lengthy installations are required
  • All related expenses are OPEX only

Address Attrition

Live data visibility brings gamification, competition and productivity boosting rewarding visibility to daily working environment

Address Lack of / Poor Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Thanks to OI’s seamless agent integration, we’ll bring to you any information you might need in real-time or share information with others according to your business needs

Address Insufficient Self-service (IVR, WEB, mobile)

Improve customer experience and increase self service via automating customer education when applicable

OI Cloud Platform

What Call Centres Are Supported?

  • Genesys Purecloud
  • Genesys Pureconnect (CIC)
  • Microsoft Skype for Business

Wallboard Features:

  • Captions
  • Values (Timespans, Numbers, Precision digits)
  • Lists
  • Static Images and Video Feeds
  • Line / Bar / Polar Area / Pie charts

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