Omni Authentication

Voice Biometrics

A Voice Biometrics Solution – Verify your customers simply and securely

Managing a contact center can be very challenging, and expensive… and it’s not always easy to maintain the highest customer satisfaction… not to mention having your customers answer challenging questions to verify themselves

What if you could provide a solution that will increase security, reduce operational costs and improve customers experience? Thanks to Omni Authentication a voice biometrics solution you can.

No longer do callers need to remember their account numbers, PINs, or passwords! With voice authentication, they can simply use their voiceprint – even more secure than a fingerprint – to verify themselves without intervention from the agent

While a typical, manual verification by an agent may take up to 60 seconds or more, callers are verified with their voiceprint within seconds!  There is no longer a need to spend time to go through stereotypical verification questions.

This will immediately result in improved customers’ experience, reduced agent handling time, and more importantly reduce contact center operational costs!


  • Verify your customer simply and securely using their Voiceprint
  • Improve your customers CX
  • Reduce Average Handle Times
  • Reduce Operational costs


  • Improves Customers Experience
  • Strengthens security
  • Reduces agents AHT (Average Handle Time)
  • Language Independent
  • Authenticated within secs
  • No high upfront capital costs – OPEX Model, usage based billing

How Does It Work

  • Fully integrated with Genesys PureCloud
  • Omni Authentication Server installed on customers premises – enhanced security
  • Passive Enrolment – Automatically easily creates a Voiceprint from PureCloud recording, no need to repeat phrases for enrolment.
  • Authentication completed within 2 secs
  • Authentication result displayed on PureCloud client or CRM
  • Escalation Alert workflow notifications via Email, SMS or telephone call
  • Dashboard analytics – display statistics of Authentications
  • Report on authentications over a specified period

Want know more about Omni Authentication?

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